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Cozy Inn Chiangmai : Reuse and Hand made

Cozy Inn Chiangmai created from the old four-storey building was renovated a total of 31 rooms in the heart of the old city.

Community serene and simple, you can experience the real life of the local people friendly. Beaming Caring for each other The hotel is decorated in the style loft cottages and INDUSTRIAL Gabriel seamlessly. By focusing on the concept of reuse and hand made to exploit natural resources to a minimum. We have to revive the old wooden door on a shelf, desk. And many enterprises with abundant iron. We also attach importance to craftsmanship. It's quality that embraces works out remarkably. The hotel is decorated in predominantly Handicraft. Since the show, a large brick wall. Living room wall Lantern room and cafe. But all made by hand. We not only pay attention just to decorate. But we also care about the quality of sleep. We use high quality mattresses to sleep comfortably without pain. Soft bedding set with typical five star hotel.

Cozy Inn Chiangmai

Cozy Inn Chiangmai created from the heart that leads to the visitor a sense of relaxation, warmth and security of home. Cozy Inn family members all have a great desire to be a part of the impression of visitors to Chiang Mai.