Chiang Mai Tour

Doi Suthep Temple & Hmong Hill tribe Village

Doi Suthep Temple, also known as Wat Prathat Doi Suthep, is one of Thailand's most well known temples. Located at 1,025 meters above sea level on Doi Suthep Mountain, this temple is a landmark for both Thais and foreigners. Have a blessing from a Thai monk and make merit in this sacred temple for good luck.

City & Temple Tour

Visit the most famous temples in Chiang Mai well known for unique architecture and mural wall paintings that express the beliefs and imaginations of the past painters. Chiang Man Temple (the oldest temple in Chiang Mai), Phra Sing Temple (the most beautiful architecture in northern Thai style), Jet Yod Temple (the temple that has same pagoda style as Buda Kaya) and Jedi Luang Temple (the temple with biggest pagoda in Chiang Mai) are all within driving proximity. End your day at the Chiang Mai City Arts & Cultural Center to get a better understanding of Chiang Mai’s history, customs, culture, art and general way of life.

Mae Sa Elephant Camp

The Mae Sa Elephant Camp is one of the area’s biggest attractions. Set amidst the Mae Sa Valley, the twice daily show begins with a welcoming elephant parade. Don’t miss a chance to observe them taking their daily bath in the river. The elephant demonstration further includes playing football and painting with watercolors. After the show, guests can visit the elephant nursery to see charming baby elephants or ride the elephants through the jungle and into the water.

White Water Rafting(Mae Tang River)

Join a professional team for a superb whitewater rafting adventure on the Mae Tang River. Experience a unique and unforgettable journey through winding gorges, luscious jungles and magnificent terraced rice fields. Paddle through breathtaking canyons for unparalleled fun on the river. The trip starts with a 60 kilometers drive through unspoiled villages in Mae Tang area. Enjoy lunch upstream where rafting instructions, helmets and lifejackets are all provided. After a brief demonstration on paddling and river safety, you will be ready to get set and go!

Inthanon National Park (Doi Inthanon)

Visit Thailand’s highest mountaintop (2,565 meters above sea level), where the shrine of the last king of Chiang Mai located. Enjoy its unique flora, fauna and scenery. Inthanon Mountain is the part of Himalaya Mountain where you can enjoy the rain forest with the beautiful rhododendron. Visit pagodas that Thai people built for their High Majesty, the King and Her Majesty, the Queen in a very special occasion of their 60th-year anniversary. On the way back, visit the beautiful Vachirathan and Mae Klang waterfalls and Baan Thawai wood carving village.

Long Neck Hill-Tribe

Leave the city behind and head out of town to Tha Ton Village set amidst mountains, valleys and picturesque landscape. On the way, if you wish, stop to visit the orchid farm then continue the trip to Chiang Dao cave. After that, visit Hmong Hill Tribe Village and take a short walk to Akha Hill Tribe Village. Then, continue to Long Neck Hill Tribe Village, the well-known tribe wherein the village women put bronze rings around their necks.

Sankampang Handicraft Village

Visit the well known local handicraft village along Sankampaeng Road. This historical village and its skilled workers have created masterpieces now enjoyed by Thailand’s royal family. Skills are handed down from generation to generation and are the reason this village remains unique and successful today. Products and services include umbrella making, silverware and lacquerware, celadon, wood carving, Thai silk and antiques.

Khantoke Dinner

Sample local delicacies while enjoying cultural dances from every part of the country including a Candle dance, Sword dance, Hill Tribes dance, Drum dance and Khon (elegant, stylized Thai drama).

Cooking Classes

Daily classes begin with a trip to a local fresh market, guided by experienced cooking instructors so that students learn how to select and buy fresh Thai ingredients. Returning to the delightful semi-rural setting of the cookery school, you will learn every stage of the cooking process. This is an unforgettable experience in itself, leaving you with lasting memories of new sights, sounds and wonderful spicy aromas.

Chiang Mai Night Safari

With over 300 acres of natural land surrounded by Doi Suthep-Pui National Park, the Nature Theme Park offers visitors a chance to interact with real, wild animals. The Safari Open Plains Tour displays rhinoceros, giraffe, zebra and deer co-existing on the open plains, watched closely by a pride of lions. During the day hand-feed the animals and at night feel the thrill of venturing through the darkness with family activities for children and an amazing water light show.

Hot Air Balloon Flight

Once-in-a-lifetime adventure over beautiful countryside. Drift gracefully above the tree tops at heights 500 to 2,000 where peace and tranquility reign. As the balloon rises, an amazing panoramic view appears. This is an unforgettable experience.


The one-stop for all adrenaline junkies with a wide range of thrilling activities to keep visitors of all ages entertained all day long. Activities include bungee jumping, off road motorsports, paintball, go karts and many more.

Chiang Mai Mountain Biking and Rock Climbing

Mountain bike through beautiful nature trails winding through closely lying National Parks or experience remote rock climbing adventures that includes an overnight stay in an authentic mountain village. Both programs are guided by professional companies wherein safety is always a priority.

Meaping River Cruise

Experience a wonderful and unique trip along the Ping River on replicas of now-disappeared boats from the King's Chiang Mai era. With an experienced Mae-Ping historical guide, you will be taken back to the days of old, with lots of interesting information and good scenery.